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History of Messenger Manufacturing

Vern and Anita Peugh started business making trailers and repairing farm
equipment in Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1936 as Vern Peugh Machine Shop
Vern established a reputation for doing quality repair and manufacturing
at reasonable prices.  In January 1963, the name was changed to
Peugh Welding and Machine
when their son, Dean, joined them in the business.

Some of the equipment they have built are: Hay Bucks; Land Scrapers; Land Planes;
Checker/Boarder Machines for Flood Irrigation; Irrigation Pipe Trailers; Utility Trailers;
Potato Presizer; Potato Elevators; Tool Carriers for Subsoiler Ripper Teeth and Ditching Plows;
Experimental Plot Combines for Colleges; Sheet Metal Corrigators and Strawberry Plant
Harvesters.  They designed and developed the first MIGHTY CLAMP in 1964. 
Many of the machines they built are still operating after many, many years of use.

When Vern retired in 1968, Dean and his wife Helen continued operating the
business, and in 1977 changed the name to C-2 Hydraulics, Inc. 

Their children Christine and Albert, like Dean, were raised in the
business and in 1994 Albert took over as manager.  The two men
continue designing equipment and have added Trouble Shooting
and System Design to the other services C-2 offers.

Albert has taken over the ownership of C-2 Hydraulics, Inc.

The business is still operating in the same location where it was
started so many years ago, and the same commitment to
good service, workmanship, and quality materials remains.

In 1993, Dean and Helen followed a desire to have manufacturing
plant in Oregon that has a reputation for manufacturing high quality
products at reasonable prices and started Messenger Mfg.

Now Dean and Helen, have retired from C-2 Hydraulics, Inc,
and are focusing their time on Messenger Mfg.

Messenger Mfg has developed several
products and are looking for more to produce.

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