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Messenger Manufacturing Mini-Hitch

The Messenger MINI-HITCH is an accessory
for lawn tractors that makes life easier. 

 The idea for the MINI-HITCH came just after the purchase of a small tractor
with a sweeper to pull behind it coupled with a pin hitch.  While using the tractor
and sweeper the sweeper stayed right where it was, on the grass, because the pin
had come out of the hitch.  Then a keeper had to be put on the bottom of the pin. 
(Great, another thing to loose.)  Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a small hitch for the tractor? 
So with some planning and lots of work the Messenger MINI-HITCH came into being. 

The MINI-HITCH allows the same maneuverability for the small tractor and trailer
units as a standard hitch does.  Backing up with control and getting into and
out of tight places is a breeze with the MINI-HITCH.  The MINI-HITCH
is designed to pull 1500 pounds of load with a maximum tongue
weight of 150 pounds and is for off road use only

The installation is quick and easy using tools most people have.
  Just drill two
(2) holes in the trailer tongue, put in two bolts, put on the lock washers and nuts,
and tighten the nuts, put the ball in the pin hole on the tractor, put on the lock
washer and nut, and tighten the nut.  Now just couple the trailer to the tractor
quickly and easily with the MINI-HITCH.  (Now you might have time
to relax). Extra hitches or balls may be purchase separately.

Take some of the stress out of your life.
Attach a Messenger Mini-Hitch to your lawn tractor today!

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Messenger Mfg. Mini-Hitch Messenger Mfg. Mini-Hitch
Messenger Mfg. Mini-Hitch Messenger Mfg. Mini-Hitch
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